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About IC: Our Favorite Christmas Memories?

By December 20, 2021August 19th, 2022Inside Providence Insurance

This holiday season, we wanted to do a little fun post to get to know us and our families! The holidays are a wonderful time to make lifelong memories, so we asked our staff what their favorite Christmas memories are to share with all of you! Get out and make your own wonderful memories with your loved ones this year! We wish you the Merriest Christmas!



David, Agency Principal

“My favorite Christmas memory is when we went to Disney in 2005 with these 3 cuties. We had such a great time!”





Carissa Outen, Marketing Specialist

“My two favorite Christmas memories are my son’s first Christmas in 2016 and last year for my daughter’s first Christmas. Last year’s Christmas was significant because my daughter wasn’t expected to be out of NICU for Christmas but came home 3 days before! It was the best Christmas I could have hoped for.”




Rob Dooley, Licensed Agent

“I don’t have a Christmas memory but how about a tradition. We go to Walmart on Christmas Eve to do stocking stuffer shopping.  You get $10 to use to buy stocking stuffers.  You are not allowed to spend over that amount.  You have 15 minutes to buy gifts for everybody’s stockings, which means the gifts are all going to be small as you only have $10 to spend.  We then leave and have dinner at a Waffle House or I-hop.  We leave a Christmas card with a $100 tip in it for our server.”


Leonard Roberts, Licensed Agent

“I have a couple of great memories for the Christmas season. When I was a child, my entire extended family would get together on Christmas Eve and have a party. We’d open presents, eat a ham or two, and most importantly we’d go caroling. We would knock on every single door in the neighborhood and sing Christmas Carols as a family and it was always a great time. Now that I have kids of my own, my favorite tradition is the annual Christmas Pajamas. Every one of us gets a new set of pj’s and they are the one gift you get to open on Christmas Eve. Then we watch old Christmas movies and snuggle up by a fire.”